Any of the landscape images shown on this site can be purchased. See the 'Custom Professional Prints' section of the price list for details. Photos can be delivered unframed or professionally framed - the decision is yours.

We also do informal portrait sessions, either individual portraits, family portraits or a combination. You can decide on a location, or we can propose a photogenic location to you.

If you have an event that you want covered, I will preview the location (if I haven't been there already), and if requested, meet with you to discuss any special requests. Some examples of events you may want to have photographed are:

  Birthday parties
  Sports events (baseball games, etc.)
  School events (cheerleading competition, schoolplay, etc.)
  Anniversary parties
  Reception parties
  Neighborhood events (fall festival, Easter egg hunt, etc.)

Remember, after the party, event or reception is over, or the food has been eaten, the photographs remain to carry on your memories of a fun or special moment in your life. The selected images have the power to influence the way the day was remembered. My goal is to show the beauty of what really happened!

Shortly after the event, you'll receive your proof prints. From those you can make a selection of prints.